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Specialties  - Healthy Hair/ Gray Coverage

                          Curls/Beautiful Blonds


Passion - Family / Food / Nature / Travel


Working on - Exercising more / Reading                                         more / Spending more quality                                 time with my  loved ones

  I'm dedicated to my clients satisfaction,

   the beauty ,and health of their hair.


  Organic Youthful coloring and lived-in looks

  are my passion.


  When you are in my chair you can relax have        some snacks,coffee,tea,water,soda or even a        glass of wine.


  You have my guarantee that you are in capable     hands. Your happiness is my joy. 


Some pictures from this weekend.jpg

My husband is my best friend and biggest supporter.


We are both Cuban and so of course we love to dance salsa.


I actually met Him in a dance class where he was one of the instructors and we've been dancing ever since.

The best thing about our relationship is that we can laugh together or at each other as we both think we are hilarious.

Our three awesome kids have brought us great joy and wisdom.

we have learned to be patient, great full, giving, and to love unconditionally.

Marxus, Marielys, and Daveigh have made us better people.

Our family is blessed and we give thanks to Jehovah God our creator every day.


And we cant forget our fur babies.

Daisy, Olivia, and Jojo.



Some pictures from this weekend.jpg

My daughter who is also our receptionist

will greet you with that beautiful smile when you come visit. 


She loves writing on her journal,listening to a wide variety of music and riding her long board on the trail.

She takes amazing pictures so don't be shy after being pampered and getting your hair done, have her to take one of you.

She is also one of our nail technician.



I am a wife and mother who has been a full Esthetician for 13 years. I strive to teach my clients to love themselves by loving their skin, and feeling beautiful!

As your Esthetician, I am continuously growing my education to be able to provide my clients the skin care they need.


I believe that beauty can help you to accomplish many great things, which is why I promise to create a comfortable and peaceful environment for my clients!

I do my very best to evaluate my clients' skin, helping me determine how to proceed with treatments that best benefit their needs. It's absolutely rewarding to be able to make others feel good!

Come see me and trust the process that will leave your skin feeling flawless and beautiful!



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