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Treatment Protocol

the body is working hard to break down fat cells. Best avoid sugar and carbs for 48 hours prior to treatment, and 48 hours after treatment.

Healthy Diet

A vigorous 25 to 30 minute workout after the treatment can help sweat out excess toxins that the body is trying to release. It is required to exercise daily between treatments.



Make sure to drink lots of water before and after treatment session.

Avoid Alcohol & Diet

This allows the body to focus more on flushing the fat out and not on removing the toxins that come from drinking and smoking

Series of Treatments

Most people will require 4 to 6 sessions to produce the best slimming results, with each session occurring approximately 4 or more days apart. Results appear gradually over a few weeks and months

Exercises to do



Strength Training


Why we love Cryo-Lean 360

Permanently eliminates fat

Non-invasive treatment

No damage to the skin

Safe and effective treatment

Skin smoothing and muscle toning

No recovery or down time, no discomfort

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