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ionic   foot   detox

This incredibly effective device charges the water with ions that attract free radicals (toxic cells) 

and pulls them from your body, released through your feet into the water.


*Purging of heavy metals

*A more balanced pH level

*Reducing inflammation

*Purging of yeast

*Detoxifying the liver

*Boost immune system

*Improve sleep quality

Color chart

 color of water          Area of body detoxified

   Red Flecks                  Cellular debris, Blood clots

   Blue                   Tissue and cellular debris from lymph system

   Yellow          Kidney, bladder, urinary tract, reproductive                             organs

   Green                                    Gallbladder

   Orange                                      Joints

   Brown                   Liver, pollutants, cellular debris 

   Black                             Liver, toxic chemicals 

Black Flecks         Heavy metals, strongly charged chemicals

Oil Floating                                     Fat

White Foam   Yeast, Candida fungus, lymphatic drainage, mucus

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